#ex1to4 video script as text, time travel, chat show can be very slow

Previous post was about video on sites for academic conferences and connected to text in books and journals.

It may be that an open approach is what matters. The classic journal is closed down, it is a limited edition and copyright protects it from being reused with other content. The mix with video etc could happen outside the print format, not waiting on new digital devices.

Local media may develop in similar ways. Social networks assume that words can be copied. There can be links to video but this is not essential. Script ideas or questions can be in text form.

So far the questions raised in the Castle Beer Festival are slowly getting an answer. Image rights are gradually being relaxed, as shown by Spacex allowing photography at the current Tourist show. No comment yet to camera but this may come later.

The next series of events will be around the Recipe Exchange and Woodbury Salterton / Farringdon. I have posted a recipe or procedure for catching abus and then walking to a pub. The reverse to go home. I think this is within the scope and it should be possible to video conversation along the way. Something will get to YouTube before the summer light fades.