Exeter and the "pop-up" bookshop #exeter #uoeforum

There is more on the website about the new Forum-

An online book retail service can also be found in the Market Place, which allows customers to order books either at a designated computer desk found in store, or by visiting a dedicated website from any PC. Temporary, pop-up book shops will also be available on campus during specified times of the academic year.

This is in the section on retail, not with the library and web resource.

"pop-up" may be a clue to the design. Learning Without Frontiers at Olympia earlier this year was described as a "pop-up university". It was mostly somewhere between a yurt and a geodesic dome. But it was meant to be temp or move somewhere else. I'm still not sure how long this sort of design can last on one site.

By the way, would it not be better to have the pop-up university on the ground floor and the cloud tech in the balcony? Or in the balcony and floating in baskets hung from balloons?

Anyway, much less speculation later today with actual photos from the Forum. The tech resource may work as inspiration.