Exeter on YouTube and as a centre for communication technology

I keep getting email from Magnify networks about the special offer
this month so this could be the time to put more energy into my video
streams. Also there is a stage in what I can do through YouTube
directly. Not sure if I have done this post before but probably not on
Posterous. Eventually this will cohere repeats from other blogs.

There are three channels- Rougemont Global Broadcasting and Rougemont
Garden Broadcasting are both about Exeter. There are two because one
was trying to work out how Magnify works. Also Damian Houston kept
mentioning Garden when it should be Global so i just went with the
flow. I think Global will be more for official occasions and to
overlap with Printshow. I started Printshow for IPEX but it continues
ok and IPEX is turning into IPEX World. IPEX was an occasion for
social media, especially video.




Each one works on automatic given some keywords. I can add some
detail. this weel it could be "ventosa, siamesis. theo, jansen" . This
is working ok but not yet gone wider.

Printshow covers the latest print technology using media that are
current. The media are normal, not all that innovative. So they are
widely used in Exeter for example. I may need to get professional help
in rewriting that. What I am trying to say is that even the print tech
at IPEX will be widely understood in Exeter within a few months.
Social media of course is understood by everyone and Exeter is a
conference hotspot for #likeminds. Actually they all seem to have
vanished to Helsinki for the summer or gone back to Bristol. But of
course this can be revised for a future post.