Exeter Year of the Rabbit continues, short video and Flickr link

This was a very solid event, the best case of university connection with the city that I can remember and I do have a bus pass. The long dragon was students and the lion was from Southampton. Started at Buffet City near the Corn Exchange. So the city food support was strong, other venues supplied meals later at the Business School on campus. Apparently the Chinese are now a large part of the postgraduate scene so there is a base for all this. It could get stronger over time. There was a lot of leafleting so I think people just followed up to the university for the stalls and the fireworks.

I have a lot more video but it takes a while to edit. I will try to place some DVD copies with other people who might mix it up. I think we need a new stage in social media.

Also, what is happening with Holi? Think it could be in March. The Hindu Temple have celebrated two events indoors but with mobile phone level cameras it could be a sign of spring if they moved into the sunshine.