Experimentation and social media / video

Thinking about "experimentation" as a phase between buzz and maturity. The details of the Online keynote are not out yet but probably something will turn up. Experimentality is sort of closed as research topic at Lancaster but I am still getting interested. There could be more about business and organisations in relation to experiment.

the blog is still being updated but chronology is not obvious.

Web video may be still at the buzz phase, experiments imply some developed theory as to what is being tested. I have several clips from Online yesterday including a copy of European Council video. the sound is not good, too much background but the lighting could be fixed.

Tomorrow I will be at the CQI for a meeting looking at case studies for MoSO, a model of sustainable organisation.

I am trying to think about the structures for video. There will be a proper video this time. Previously I tried to record the launch event but there are issues with lighting and sound. 

Maybe for Youtube etc this is less of a problem. The audience have various ideas about acceptable production values. An event has multiple camera angles / edit versions. search results start somewhere and then various routes are on offer.

The MoSO process starts with an existing situation. Television in general has a changing model. My situation is currently casual but there will be a model around social media including video. Experimental phase coming up.