First draft of introducing my take on cities - Leuphana Digital

I have looked at three documents and have some ideas about cities and the web. There should be more investment online, there are enough buildings.

The documents take some study but a few thoughts so far.

Issues and Case Studies in the New Economy page 109 on Risk Management. Suggests that risk management is easier in big cities. Think about recent disasters. Possibly caused by group behaviour in a bubble. London is global and now more or less cut off from the rest of the UK.

Post Modern Geographies Soja
Foucault mentions time as well as space
"Fourth principle. Heterotopias are most often linked to slices in time - which is to say thatthey open onto what might be termed, for the sake of symmetry, heterochronies."
so I think time is still significant

New York Times
Not sure how many creatives are somewhere else in New York state. I live in Exeter, described as a city but functions as a county town. Lots of people visit ( monthly, less often ) from the rest of Devon, maybe other counties ) Some are artists, consultants, technology support.

Lots of strange things in Exeter. The university spent £24m on a forum which involved demolishing the bookshop, not to be replaced. There is a Blackwells "pop-up" for 7 weeks of the year. Seems to be a design thing, books not part of modern retail. Why do they need a library? Is there a point to the campus? Why not move back to the centre of the city and scale down the buildings?

I don't deny that the globalised network of superstar buildings is working well.

that is thirty thousand pounds gone from south west England towards London. What else might happen?

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