Forget San Francisco? Can't imagine Old Street but the Land of Moo is taking shape

Jemima Kiss has started a new series in Guardian Media on startups in the UK.

"Forget San Francisco" is the challenging opener. Apparently it is better to locate in Old Street, London.

My problem is not just the history I can remember about technology from California. I also have no fantasy around Old Street. Maybe I am out of touch through living in Devon too long. I have heard about the wonderful roundabout but it may be too much like several other roundabouts.

I am still thinking about the canal walk to the Olympics. The route to King's Cross is clear enough but then there is a hill to get to the other side of the Angel. I am going to leave it like that for the moment. I know that Moo is somewhere nearby so this space could have images. I may need to mix in other phases of hard copy history, places like Watford for example.