Guardian discovers blogging too late to link to Talk

I still buy the Guardian on a Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Just to see what they write about books, media and education. The coverage of Guardian Talk was so misleading, ie there was none, that I doubt them as a source most of the time. Today there is quite a lot about blogging. It is ok for the public to add comments to a blog apparently and this could be a new form of journalism. I still think that Guardian Talk was closer to getting a reader view. If aggregation is ok then why not just put everyone on Facebook and Twitter? Why have a "news organisation" as newspaper?

On Saturday in the Review there were a few authors writing about how they have to spend more time now on book promotion. Not very welcome as they may move on to another book and each one should exist in itself as cased pages. No mention of the web or social media. Should they have a look?

The Guide continues as "random notes on pop culture" so the web coverage tends towards the trivial.