Guardian media 100 misses out Amazon, Sony, Abobe and Jeff Jarvis

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This could result in more integration. Also I am repeating myself
quite a lot at the moment so previous material can usefully be linked

The Guardian is well into all things Apple at the moment.

They seem to think that the iPad will allow publishers to offer
packages for sale in a controlled sort of way. Free content and simple
text formats will just not get into the Apple world.

So no mention for Jeff Bezos although Google and Microsoft are
represented. Can't find Sony either. Howard Stringer was recently
interviewed about 3D. He is also interested in the Sony Reader and
EPUB. Maybe it is too easy for people to copy content from the web.
For whatever reason, not on the list.

My guess is that Flash will survive even outside of Apple. Kevin Lynch
is the Adobe Chief Technology Officer. There are Readers for PDF and
EPUB for web browsers and mobile devices. But the closed world of
Apple has an attraction for the Guardian such that Kevin Lynch is not
on the list.

Most surprising is that Jeff Jarvis is nowhere at all. I still think
there has been a budget cutback and we get less of him in print on a
Monday than in previous years. I have tried to confirm this with the
Guardian but not had a reply. However the Buzzmachine blog is widely
read in the UK.

Will Steve Jobs still be number one next year? Probably yes, in the
strange world of the Guardian.