Guardian report on FT not very clear about print circulation trends

Today I bought a hard copy Guardian but I find I am turning to the web to get some extra info.

Page 30, mostly about Penguin, but then the subscriptions up 31% in first half of year to more than 300,000. But no clarity on how many of these are outside the UK. "Across print and online, the FT said its total paid circulation stood at 599,000 up 2% on the year." Some Googling finds Press Gazette for May. FT uk nespaper sales 300,584 ; -17.12%  So UK print and global digital could be both about 300,000. One growing more than 20% , one declining more than 10%. The Guardian shows numbers for the Guardian combining digital and print that make not a lot of sense without detail.

Press Gazette for Guardian newspaper daily sale in May -  214,703 ; -18.34%