#guardiantalk Joss Stone backup recovered, Cloudworks Ohmynews replace Guardian mindshare

I am still confused how little explanation the Guardian is offering. Editor brand dissonance is a theory to explain the difficulty of reading one thing online and then another in print. except in this case in print there is nothing at all. Unfortunately i think my notes on editor brand dissonance have been destroyed with the rest of the wreck that was Guradian talk.

Still, I have found a PDF backup from some time ago and there is now a topoic on thegraun

thegraun - music - joss stone

Somewhere there is a backup on the PDF version of the Guardian and the conferences organised by OhmyNews. They may turn up later but not the most recent stuff. Briefly the Guardian missed the potential of PDF. Why Peter Preston is surprised that the iPad is not the answer is another mystery. Citizen Journalism has not been reported in the Guardian except on a Thursday by techies and that has now stopped.

Not backed up is the question about the reputation of the OU. education is not on thegraun list at the moment. I will concentrate on Cloudworks. Not just OU contributions and includes academics from Europe and Asia. The Guardian in print is mostly UK university in focus and has yet to explore elearning.