#guardiantalk OU reputation thread recovered

I am still finding some backup from the Guardian Talk. I never did a regular process on this but a search will find things.

As with previously Acrobat thinks this is a form because of the comment field. Not sure how to get rid of this.

Today the Guardian has a bit on blended learning. Towards the back but it is in there.

The OU turns up again. If they have a method that results in less debt than other methods this is worth some attention. The story seems to suggest that most elearning energy is coming from new initiatives, not the older universities though they probably retain a research reputation.

More later from the Guardian Talk archive. On Saturday the Review announced all sorts of new features on a website. I am very reluctant to trust much of my own words to such a venture. But I may try some versions of a story.

A doomed enterprise tries to continue without a change of course. There will be no happy ending. A crime is in the background.