hello spiders and draft slides #mosocoop #mtw3 #oldsmooc

I think this is still fitting together ok

I have tried a draft of slides for the March meeting of the Deming Sig. Also a still of the #tags for Hello Spiders

I still don't have a definition of design Science or a clear distinction from social science. But after the radio show on Thursday there could be some better connections or at least a bit of record on how a radio show might be.

I think it is from user experience design that the energy is coming. Teaching Design is headed the same way but presumably will influence most of education. So there will be management implications that could use similar methods and assumptions.

The MoSO meeting could look at how teaching design can influence how MoSO is presented. Meanwhile #oldsmooc will help me to get a better idea of design science, and #mtw3 to relate this to management.

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