Innovation, Kevin Lynch, Acrobat and PDF (temp version) #mtw3

Sorry this is brief, getting ready for the Wild show on Phonic FM. What I learn about radio will feed back to social media etc later.

But check out these links


This is based on just a quick glance but don't see much about Acrobat or PDF. Launch 11 has been very quiet. I still don't understand why you need Acrobat 11 to work with PDF in the cloud. It still seems very expensive. Is it the last desktop product for corporates that will just drift on? As memory serves Kevin Lynch introduced some wierd symbols to the Acrobat design on the grounds that everything had to follow design for mobile. At least they have now gone. I still like a pull down menu when there is space for it. If this is very out of date and needs no promotion at least there should be a version at a reduced price.