Introducing Deming, Soft Systems, Action Learning as MOOC storytelling context #oldsmooc

Week two on the OLDS MOOC is about story telling or something. Context? Learning happens in a social situation. Eventually we will get to disruption in education organisation.

Anyway, this weekend there is an option to suggest other methods. Copied from Google Group which I think is only for people on the course-

I am looking at Scenarios and Personas and a sort of Force Field, without arrows or plus or minus at the moment. I will also have a look at the other suggested approach. But this seems like the place to write about Deming, Soft Systems Methodology, and also Action Learning again. Not at length obviously but I will put some links in. Also try to involve some other groups from LinkedIn.

My dream is about social video production. Change depends on some shared vision and culture, but also hard skills possibly enhanced by instructional design and also different management attitudes enhanced by structure and process. So I may be using the word "learning" in a more casual sense than in education theory. Somethning happens, maybe we don't know what it is.

There is already a cloud on Plan - Do - Check / Study - Act , which Deming called the Shewart Cycle. It can relate to Dewey and American pragmatism.

The Force Field diagram reminds me of a systems model. Checkland is more upfront about learning with each book, see linked reference.

I did not come across much in week one about
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On Friday, 18 January 2013 08:39:49 UTC, Joshua Underwood wrote:

A thread for discussing and sharing attempts to apply other approaches to context & learning design.

The project / dream is for social video production, Cloudworks is open but you have to register