introducing will789gb re #cms7 with some questions

#cms7 has started to trend on Twitter

so this post is to start again with an intro and some questions

I fist came across CMS when working as a quality manager and trying to study how learning might happen inside a quality system

Making Quality Critical mnakes it clear that quality is always neoliberal rhetoric so just have nothing to do with it

ok this is just a blog in note form, could expand on request.

so is there anything in Naples that a working manager could a) understand b)implement?

Social media. As memory serves this came up in a California hotel but I can't find much through Twitter on what the content is.

Is it part of CMS7 to reach a public with some ideas? If so, where to find this?

digital media stream has got a Facebook call for papers but not much there recently. will now close to check, maybe more later

my guess, if social media, elearning etc then some sort of system will be involved so quality may be worth a look