#inxpressip class 38 inxpress.co.uk is the trade mark act web ready? inxpress

I have been informed about the sectors for trade marks and think an internet cafe is class 38

Class 38

Telecommunications services; chat room services; portal services; e-mail services; providing user access to the Internet; radio and television broadcasting.

It seems possible to me that InXpress Global Pte Ltd might think it worthwhile to register a trade mark in this class and then try to get the use of www.inxpress.co.uk. Am I paranoid? This may be speculation on my part.

But just suppose such a thing was possible. Should there be a procedure such that existing web addresses with similar words to proposed trade marks were at least notified? The Trade Marks Act 1994 was previous to widely used urls.

Also, if anyone knows of a UK trade mark proposal for InXpress in Class 38 please let me know.