#inxpressip Exeter local elections YouTube Facebook Twitter @cllrmartin

After a bit of searching I have found the Mayor and deputy Mayor on Facebook and Councillor Martin on Twitter.

I realise this is a bit of a Labour bias but I have tried other parties as well. Maybe more on a future post.

This starts with the www.inxpress.co.uk domain. There is an attempt i think to use Trade Marks to close the use as an archive for the first Exeter internet cafe.

Why would the web be of interest as local history? I think it should be in the same way as print history. this is well recorded in local studies and the museum.

The inxpress website has been updated sometimes so has links to Hyperactive and Life Bytes, two later resources. No internet cafe at the moment though there is St Sidwells and the library. Wifi is taking over the role.

Meanwhile what of social media such as YouTube during the local elections? I don't think Exeter city Council will suddenly decide to support Flash but there may be a few links to video on Facebook that somebody may notice.