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This post is about IPEX, the print show next expected in 2014. I have tagged in the title as print disruption relates to the design of online teaching and how to promote MoSO. Management Theory at Work can relate to universities as media organisations.

There have been various announcements previously but this week I got a copy of Digital Printer in print. there is a page about IPEX based on a talk with Trevor Crawford explaining the changes. Fewer days but aligned with the Cross Media event that also continues on an annual basis. There has been a major shifty in focus. There is even competitive talk about drupa, suggesting that drupa will not make a similar shift because of the influence of "large offset manufacturers".

Digital Printer is available online but in a magazine format that prevents copying out of text.

So I have turned to the official website

The conference will be about  ‘Strategies & Practices of Outstanding Leadership in the Challenging Business of Offline and Online Marketing’, "where thought leaders from within and surrounding the print industry will come together to address the big issues and opportunities they face." But this cannot start too soon. There is no reason to wait till next year. 

I notice the sources for the quotes on this page include Canon, Ricoh, Fuji and Screen. there are others but I am getting the impression that it is Japanese companies still on the project. Of course there are USA offers that people will try to follow even if they reduce their face to face existence in the UK. Long ago there would be stands ( booths ) at IPEX and drupa for Apple and Adobe. Maybe as at BETT some supporters could organise a space on the edge of ExCel where they could sneak in an update.