Is MoSO timely? Chart raises a query #mosothecqi @orwant

I recently tried to start a page on Wikipedia about MoSO -  a model of sustainable organisation.

It was deleted pretty quickly. No evidence of the importance. My idea was to start something off for others to add to so it was more or less a stub. I did not explain the CQI but this is a credible source. The Deming SIG has spent ages on this project, a reasonable set of free resources. But it is an example of self promotion so we will need to have a better effort next time.

Maybe somebody reads this who knows about Wikipedia style and finds MoSO with a fresh take?

Also I started to think about the other pages that exist and I began to link to. MoSO updates Deming ideas but most of them are already in the Wikipedia. There is a case for drawing attention to them but there is not much novelty.

Through Twitter I found a Google chart device based on searching books. ( NOT websites, books back for ages) I tried it out for "systems thinking" and "learning organisations", two aspects of MoSO that I find interesting. This shows that both peaked around 2000, In practice the overlap is widely understood, I think, even though the academics work in different disciplines.

So I think the next steps with Wikipedia could include checking out what is there already and adding something to it.

By the way, previous Tweets end up at a tricky form of the chart. Several words with a comma results in a dodgy url.

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