Is there a better way to describe a Creative Commons culture event? #Strandbeest #evolumental

I am looking for a word to describe a certain kind of event. So far it is rather clumsy to describe it as a Creative Commons copyright style open source sort of thing. But I did notice last year that Watershed PR were explicit about the rights issuers around Isca Obscura. It was ok to video and photograph the sound and images and offer any results on Creative Commons terms if you liked. There was also an Arts Council funded video on YouTube with Creative Commons terms so there was at least one decent soundtrack.

This is a different business model to the art object in a gallery. Supposed to be unique and valuable and suited to a particular place. The artist is paid for sale of the object or similar ones in the future. The Creative Commons sort of approach works better in my view as a promotion for a city or location. The Strandbeest seemed more at home on Exmouth beach than in Bedford Square. But a recent search finds something similar in Melbourne and Taiwan.

I found that the Melbourne blog linked to my own Tumblr account so I could move the video across very easily.

I only started with Tumblr when Spacex selected it for the Review Group blog. So far the skin chosen often gives the appearance of an academic journal but there is scope for visual content. And I now reralise there is scopoe for mixing stuff across blogs with few limitations.

So I do have some questions about the copyright approach on Ghostwriter, the audio available at RAMM. As far as I know there is no audio sample for broadcast on radio or tv. There is no mp3 download or app version. The use of dial-up may be more democratic than assuming the latest gizmo but the costs of a mobile call over the length of a RAMM visit could also be an issue for some. Apparently there is a mobile you can borrow at RAMM somewhere but this is not widely known. Some people listen at home and then visit, but I am not sure what this means for the view that the work must be experienced in a specific place.

I support the Wild Show on Phonic FM Thursday mornings. We visited RAMM and were told it was ok to record and photograph in the permanent spaces but not to include any objects. So I think it was ok to Photoshop Chris Norton in Greek helmet onto a Greek beach from Flickr. See the Wild Show Facebook page. This week I will try to get a couple of minutes to play a recording of an object in the World Culture Gallery being played.

There is a sign saying "please touch" but only one set of sticks. Apparently there could be up to four people playing at once. I don't know if there could be another one built. I don't think they would allow it out of the museum where space is restricted.

( See previous posts on the giraffe and 3d models, quick response codes etc )

Thursday and Friday there will be reporting from the cathedral by local TV. I don't think much will be ready for YouTube till next week. But it often turns out that TV only use a few minutes of what they have. Last year the Spotlight van was there for hours but the interview was with images in background. There was not time for the full loop. And the policy is not to make available anything that was not broadcast. Could this be looked at again? There will be records on YouTube etc but the people with the expensive cameras and external microphones etc. have some sort of public duty.

By the way I am still very happy with my Kodak Zi8, great for what I do.

Only time will tell how the publicity works out for #evolumental.

But I would like to know a shorthand description for the style of event.