Learning Technology and BETT, limited time travel

I am still thinking about time travel over decades, but meanwhile it
should be easier to deal with the rest of this month as one phase in
time. Especially as the spaces are more or less exactly next to each
other. BETT is coming up soon in most of Olympia and then Learning
Technology is later in the month in Olympia 2, the rest of the

I don't think there was enough reporting of the Apps show as an aspect
of Online Information. Bloggers who were actually there might have
mentioned it but not much came through press releases. But it was
possible to walk throughout Olympia on a couple of days. The apps
devices are around somewhere.

Learning Technologies also has another show that may not be about
technology though some of the stands seemed last year to be for people
who could not book into the upstairs. Anyway the scope is for most of
adult education and training, a pretty good fit with BETT.

One example of what this contributes is to think about BECTA and
Towards Maturity. BECTA has been closed down for budget reasons though
Towards Maturity continues. They did have some funding from BECTA but
presumably other sources are ok. Towards Maturity works mostly with
companies but their models work for any organisation including further
education etc. I will try to check the website as there may be new
announcements around the Learning Technology event that could be
guessed at in time for BECTA.

Meanwhile I have looked at the Education gov uk site and cannot find
anything about a BETT stand. I don't think they will be there in any
way that needs a budget. They have a link to BIS for universities etc.
Maybe they have a policy that relates?