Leuphana Digital , notes so far on web extensions for cities @LeuphanaDigital

This is the second project for the MOOC on cities from Leuphana Digital.

I am finding it very difficult to follow. they want to organise teams but there is no project other than essays. They seem to reorganise the teams as you find a basis for conversation. The software is a bit limited, I find the messages hard to follow. Loading photos was hard so Flickr was suggested. Then how to get this into an essay. I think we sent in a PDF ( from Word) but not sure.

My intro

I am interested in how online can blend with real places. I think too much is spent on symbolic buildings at this time. More on bandwidth and scanning could distribute things quite a bit. I live in Exeter UK and contribute to a weekly radio show from a basement near the high street. I know some avatars on Twinity so like virtual worlds as an alternative to travel.

But the current project is about ideal cities as built.

Meanwhile there is a podcast of an interview with Renzo Piano, who designed the Shard in London.


The idea remains strong that what the city needs is another spectacular building.