Links from Experimentality , recent update

During my talk at the Experimentality conference I showed some weblinks for sites that could be benchmarked. The Deming cycle is a learning approach and I think it has to be applied to something to make much sense. Recently it has been explained to me that email or other web interventions have to be positive to retain much attention. The audit has never been very welcome even in person so online there may only be space for looking at positive feedback on variation. 

So here is an emphasis on some encouraging things I have found (in order as on previous slide)

Experimentality has a page for updates, easier to follow than the home page if you just want news

They are adding photos to some previous posts so the report on events is improved. Most new photos are on Picasa and they have a Creative Commons licence. I think clarity through Creative Commons is really useful. I sometimes assume reuse is ok and it turns out not to be.

Cloudworks has been updated twice over the summer as far as I can follow it. There are tabs to allow wider columns for comments or references. It may take longer to explore. A recent cloud is about how communities could develop around Cloudworks

I am trying to make more links and have updated clouds for IPEX and Online Information. The printing industry ( or communication industry now the London College of Printing has changed name) is in some relation to education so can probably find some space on Cloudworks. Quality is a topic that is already included.

The Networked Learning Conference have added video from the keynotes by Etienne Wenger & Yrjo Engestrom

Nothing embedded, just links to external sites, but the use of video is a development. Previously I found it hard to add graphics to the discussions and spent some time in the sandpit messing about with media. Perhaps it just is the case that academics assume text. I also have to accept that Adobe people assume video. All you can do is hope for some sort of exchange over time. I can get fed up in either direction.

There is not much news about a couple of the sites but still something expected later in the year 

The CQI has launched a site for MoSO- a model of sustainable development. I am too close to this one to asess it well. I tried some video from a Kodak Zi8. the lighting is terrible.

The Critical Management site is still hard to navigate  I think but there is now a site for a conference next year. 

Stream 17 looks interesting - "Digital Culture - Looking Through the Past Towards The Future" . You have to download a PDF to get to the text but maybe there could be versions online as well. Only one version of the text has to be fixed by April.