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Couple of Tweets from yesterday

 and yes,  is rooted in a pragmatist epistemology, ala Peirce, Dewey & James 

  see  vs. design / design science 

The links are one that has the PDF available for download

Designerly ways of knowing: design discipline versus design science

Cross, Nigel (2001). Designerly ways of knowing: design discipline versus design science. Design Issues, 17(3), pp. 49–55.

and one for which you need to find a proper library

Design approaches in technology enhanced learning

Mor, Yishay and Winters, Niall (2007). Design approaches in technology enhanced learning. Interactive Learning Environments, 15(1), pp. 61–75.

I will try to find this later at St Lukes. They usually are helpful.

The video from yesterday has some useful explanation of what design science might mean in practice.

Next week is all about open resources so we should find more stuff we can download.

#mtw3 and #mosocoop to reach two other groups also looking at design science.