Local Media not much of an election issue - Lancaster Museum what is going on?

I am in Lancaster trying to get out of drift mode from the various holidays. Several photos toload up later,but meanwhile thinking about local media and the local elections. (I will catch upon Exeter local media later in the week.)

Jeremy Hunt has an enthusiasm for local TV but it seems to have stopped as an issue.I have not been paying much attention but I think there has been almost nothing about local media during this election period. Searching Google News finds that Sheffield is supporting a Local Media Action Plan with support from the city council and universities. I will try to find out if something similar could happen in Exeter.


But Hunt is only found in a story about the billions watching the royal wedding. The phrase "local media"in the FT means the BBC, ITV and Sky.


Maybe I am being unfair.There may be a lot going on, so links welcome.

In the Castle Ward the Lancaster Labour Party has put out a leaflet claiming that the Green Party,supported by Lib Dems, have proposals that the indoor marketcould be moved into the City Museum. "Save our museum"is the headline. But is there any such proposal?

The Lancaster Guardian reported a proposal in February. I will try to find out more.This is an example of a local story.