lost track of critique , the cloud is here anyway

Previous post on Cross Media Live is still making sense.

There is now a communications scene of which print is a part. when the trade shows demonstrate this clearly is not known precisely but I will try to do a damage check around the first week of December this year. Bound to be "disruptive".

Meanwhile print culture continues. I find that Spacex still expect responses to art to be in text format. Networked Learning conference has limited video and no easy embed function in the message system.

Technology enhanced learning as a subject is still mostly about learning theory, not much technology as such. There could be more disruption. 

The critique issues I have come across seem to have been looking at technology as if there was a choice how much it should be used. I think things have gone beyond a design phase. At Experimentality last eyar there was critique of the cloud but I think the technology is now so widely used that it has to be accepted as available. There are positive aspects but the critique base for a manifesto seems not to have followed this up. Maybe there are journal articles somewhere that I can't find. So I keep looking but meanwhile I think there are uses for social media that are worth getting on with.