Map shows some sort of space to think about Cross Media and reach the Land of MOO

I have been thinking about a canal walk towards the Olympic site from Regent's Park. Main issue has been the tunnel from King's Cross to beyond the Angel. But it turns out there is a route to the business Design Centre and it should be ok to find the canal again. Narrowboat Pub can be phoned.

I am still getting used to MOO and the new QR code cards. Being an affiliate seems very sensible, a way back into hard copy. I am not sure where MOO is as a print setup but I think it is near the famous silicon roundabout. Possibly not as global a challenge as sometimes claimed. There have always been services on the edge of the City. Some are technology, some are print. But the Land of MOO is the next space to explore, once I find the way back to the canal from Islington Green.

Meanwhile the timing of Cross Media is an open question in my book. September 2012 may be too late.

A PDF article on Public Space shows how architecture of physical space now mingles with online.  This map of a route round Cross Media is intended to be public. Invites to Google Docs version on request.