More detail from Guardian about the FT

the Financial Times, which barely competes with the Mail or the BBC in the attention stakes, now has 301,471 digital subscribers according to its parent company Pearson. That is more than the FT's headline printed circulation of 297,225 – which includes 30,000 freebies

So there are precise numbers but Dan Sabbagh apparently considers the FT a special case, not a model for other news organisations. Still, the dates when digital numbers compare with print are of interest in various situations.

About the Guardian itself there is not so much info, except that digital advertising revenue was £14.7m , up 26% on year to March. Sabbagh estimates the Times income from the iPad at £19m after Apple's cut. The implication seems to be that a future of global advertising could be a better bet. But ABC numbers about UK print are not the whole story.

Also in print there is an interview with NBV anchor Al Michaels. No mention of the Twitter  #nbcfail comments on broadcast delay and edits, but I don't know when this was written. The web page is different but for me the interesting comment is from Jeff Jarvis in Buzzmachine

By the way I still don't know the actual date that the Guardian formally stopped the arrangement for a regular Jeff Jarvis contribution in print. I noticed they became less frequent but I still can't get any direct info.