MOSO model now better explained on YouTube #cqimoso

There is now an excellent presentation on YouTube of the model of a sustainable organisation (MoSO). This is from the Deming special Interest Group of the Chartered Quality Institute. It intends to update the presentation of Deming ideas. So far some of the feedback has suggested that starting with Deming would be just as interesting. The model is supported on the website with a lot of material but this visual explanation of the essential model is a good place to start.

I have previously posted to YouTube some short extracts from presentations. The production values are fairly low, just a record of what was said. There is a better one on the official CQI site

 I am trying to promote the hashtag #cqimoso as a way to find anything relating to the MoSO model. So far Youtube thinks I mean "chismoso" but it will include the four videos I have tagged so far. Not sure what "chismodo" refers to but there are thousands of views. #cqimoso may get better established over time.