#mtw3 as a YouTube sequence

My colleague Linda Shelton has posted on the #mtw3 blog to show that a YouTube sequence can start with the recent talks by John Burgoyne. This is not exactly the keynote he would offer at a face-to-face event but it covers mos of the issues that stand out from the time of the first two conferences around ten years ago.


The topics CMS and "dynamic capabilities" are not as well covered on YouTube so far. More may turn up. There is a book - "Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management" that I have been looking at but I can't find much on YouTube with similar content. Seven hundred pages so this is a bit of a different scene.

I think there should be more on YouTube linked to CMS. Critique can be public.

So I would welcome suggestions of suitable links. I could offer to edit something together if sound files and slides are available for example. Things are moving with the scope of YouTube and it should be possible to go with it.