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As I remember the last broadcast Over To You is considering change in the nature of radio. The download is not there yet but probably will be soon.

Radio could go the way of social media in general, lots of bits for listen again at no fixed time. Will it be in 18 months or fifteen years?  What strikes me is that the terms change but this conversation has been going on for around five years already. Like the Guardian and other established media the BBC rarely mentions OhmyNews and Citizen Journalism. There have been conferences in Korea and sound is available I think. (Can't find my mp3backup at the moment)

extract from Wikipedia
In addition to straight news reporting and op-ed submissions, OMNI publishes photo essays, poetry and can attach video and audio to the citizen reporters' articles. All articles are available via RSS feeds and Twitter.
The 2nd Annual Citizen Reporters' Forum was held by OhmyNews in Seoul, Korea from July 12 to 15, 2006.
The 3rd Annual Citizen Reporters' Forum was held in Seoul, June 27–29, 2007.

I think it was the first one I went to.

I have submitted an AudioBoo but this is waiting moderation. When I last looked there was nothing available so either few people listen to the BBC World Service or they have not got round to moderation so far this week. Probably there will be something in time for the broadcast on Sunday.

I have put the same clip onto Soundcloud so you can track it.

Longterm I hope there will be a lot more exchange of clips with the BBC. I know they are working on an archive. It seems to be ok to play bits from YouTube on local radio.

My main question is still why the World of Music was scrapped? The extracts from tracks on the Strand are so short they are just annoying. You have to use YouTube as well. Not easy when trying to fall asleep.