Print and Paper Monthly comments on Cross Media show in London next November #InformaEx #crossmedialive

The May print monthly has an editorial by Andy Knaggs on the new show from Informa Exhibitions. He recalls a conversation with Trevor Crawford of Informa on the way back from digi:media at Messe Dusseldorf last November. Reportedly, Crawford said-

"I would question whether it was actually a cross-media event. For me it didn't do what it said on the tin."

In a later news item Crawford states that "We're not going to have machinery there. The moment you introduce that to a show that's meant to be cross-media, you turn off two thirds of the people you're trying to attract."

So this could be very interesting. The current website just has PDF to download but IPEX World has shown what can be done through LinkedIn etc. The floorplan shows that all the stands will be reasonably small, similar to the dip - drupa Innovation Parc. In my opinion the dip has been way ahead of anything at IPEX as a developer meeting point. Perhaps the London discussion will suggest some possibilities and the working models will appear sometime later.

This event is significant as it comes from the legitimate printing industry. A similar editorial from Simon Eccles would not be as surprising.