Printweek reports Cross Media Live : is 2012 too far away?

Previously I mentioned the editorial and news in Print and Paper Monthly. This turned out to be in advance of later decisions. Now Printweek has reported the revised plans for next year.

According to Nick Craig Waller, event director at Informa, the show will "combine product and solution demonstrations with strategic and tactical insights".

Craig Waller said: "Our aim with Cross Media 2011 is to bring commercial print providers and their marketing clients together so that they have a better understanding about what the other has to offer, and they can see for themselves the potential for integrating paper-based marketing with digital and online tactics such as video, social media and email.  

I still think something this year would be in order. Also in Printweek is an article about personalisation as an option for B2B print publishing. However there seem to be issues around how to finance the kit, how to scale up the data process,  and how printers can persuade publishers ahead of a few case studies that are suitably convincing. So the conclusion is that "it’s clear that putting personalisation on a pedestal as some sort of holy grail for printed magazines may be a little misguided, and perhaps a more in-depth look at what consumers want, rather than what is possible, would be more appropriate." Meanwhile online personalisation is a given. Not much about online in this story but i guess somewhere in Haymarket there is a discussion with wider scope.

See next post on Harry Potter, just one of the global brands now with cross media strategy and tactics.