Quality Circles, cqimoso #cqimoso Is the UK on another planet to Asia?

Recently a video was posted to YouTube that explains the Model of a Sustainable Organisation developed by the Deming SIG of the CQI.

There has been discussion on the reference to quality circles as some other words may be easier to accept in the UK. There are a couple of discussions on the CQI LinkedIn pages. Not sure how to link to them, you have to log in first. One on the main CQI page - Quality Circles & Suggestion Schemes and one on the MoSO group. 

I wrote a story for OhmyNews in 2005

still much the same situation I think. Quality Circles working well in Asia while ignored in UK.

More later as there is comment on LinkedIn. Briefly what I think is that Deming may have learnt quite a lot in Japan but this is not what you read in the books.