Questions for Cross Media Live, magazines moving to web, Adobe interest in PDF

My recent posts may have gone into rave mode just a little.

Here is an attempt to formulate some questions in a more reasonable tone. There is still a month or so and I find the way a blog works is that answers sometimes turn up, even if indirectly.

The Guardian group is not the only media organisation moving online. I notice presentations connected to Haymarket, Future and Dennis. What is the current viability of the print publishing? Is the resource there to cope with an online future? Do the current readers understand what is going on?

Also I think there are issues around social media that I can't summarise easily. The audience can contribute in various ways and also expect to. Do the journalists understand this or want to?

Adobe are getting interested. I don't know if they have a stand but they are sponsor for some talks. It may just be me but I know nothing of any future Acrobat though the Creative Suite was updated a while back. If there is little interest from Adobe in development or promotion, why will the high price levels for Acrobat continue? iPad Photoshop for less than a music CD, Acrobat on the desktop what price to expect? I guess PDF is still of some interest for people attending.