Radio and DJ for Design Science

Yesterday the Wild Show was ok on Phonic FM and I now have sound clips of the phone in. It was sort of designed. There was a plan. Archive from the Summer Games, the Winter Games and also Chris on Tramper wheelchair doing most of the same route through Exeter High Street towards the flood relief area, now known as the Cozmic Meadow.

We did not need the archive as the phone worked out ok. So we can now do another design or rough knowing there is a backup of content.

Meanwhile I am working through the video on a DJ of science.

I think there could be a DJ of design science. My friend JD tells me that a radio presenter should not assume too much knowledge. This is just as well. we could just claim to know enough about design science to invite some guests or phone calls or borrow sound from somewhere else. I'm not sure how much actual air time I could take up. Usually I get 30 minutes but most of this should be music. But we can link to more or less anything through the Facebook group. Search on Wild Show, phonic FM.

soundtrack for the Cozmic Meadow

Also I have suggested a concert with Superheavy and Raphael Saadiq in the area of flood prevention that is probably not needed during August. Not sure when this will happen but design continues.