Recce for Apps World in Twinity

I am exploring Apps World as it coincides with Online Information at Olympia this year. That will be a real time blog occasion. But meanwhile Twinity is interesting as a way to experience places in other ways. These photos show that Twinity Berlin has reached far enough out to cover Soundcloud, I think. Spaces still approx. 

But New York still too much in the middle. No Javits Centre yet.

Singapore works out better.  1 Raffles Boulevard has several apartments still for sale, it is not a model of Suntec but it also has a display area for APEC 2009. So this space is public and could be visited for other events.

Maybe more possibilites will turn up on Twinity before the end of November.

Soundcloud is still gaining interest in Exeter following the Analogue to Digital event. There was nobody actually here though I don't think so maybe a Twinity aspect could contribute next time.