Scientific Method , Deming cycle, recycling Kolb collage

My cut and paste on a Kolb diagram has been getting some response, even if it fails to add anything. In an email exchange with Alan Clark he has shown me some links with scientific method and the Deming Cycle. I have copied and pasted and editied a little.

I see what you mean about aligning Kolb to PDSA. PDSA, the Shewhart/Deming Cycle, aligns more closely with Scientific Method, which I believe is intentional and important. In a paper I wrote for a module I took at the University of Birmingham, I looked many learning cycles, including I think Kolb/Honey & Mumford. I looked back at the Socrates (I think) and saw some roots for Scientific Method.
I got the diagram on Scientific Method from the Internet - :
You can almost line up PDSA with this as follows:
Formulate a question (Study)
Hypothesise (Act)
Prediction (Plan)
Test (Do)
Analysis (Study)

I think this could relate to Scientific Leadership and Leadership Science, as discussed at #mtw3  - the online conference.

Meanwhile my colleague Linda Shelton has a link to a recent paper on Eastern Experiential Learning.