Sidmouth Folk Week , posts shorter but more later

Sidmouth Folk Week continues so the blog posts are shorter this week. enough to remind me what to repeat.

Fallen Apples were busking outside the Anchor on Sunday. They got an actual booking at the Fringe out in the hills towards Branscombe. I don't understand what real folk music is supposed to be. I think they should have been booked onto a Sidmout stage. But the video may turn out well. Lighting at Dukes not that good, seems better from the side.

I have given up on using keywords as geo location to identify the styles connected to each pub. Well, I may come back to it later but it makes not much sense at the time. And I have not noticed many mobile devices. In theory social media could monitor the style in each location and which networks of friends should move in which direction. Actually you just keep moving to maintain reasonable information on available options. Sounds like a computer could cope but seems not to be used in practice.

For example Moveable Feast turned up in Anchor Gardens so keywords for venue same as Dukes. And I think the Fallen Apples were booked at Bedford Hotel during the winter so this venue registers along with the buskers. More data could reveal more sense.