Skype may enhance radio this Thursday, Wheelie Wild Phonic FM 10-12

I will be presenting another radio show on Phonic this Thursday. Chris Norton is not away this time but will experiment with Skype. The plan is to link with the wifi in the Phoenix bar. JD will be supporting the tech side on both sites so I may have to work the faders by myself some of the time. expect some long pauses and/or prerecorded sequences.

my brian soon turns to mush in a live situation so i doubt if I will cope with email or phone calls. But I can say more or less what i like and there will be text edits later and maybe clips on YouTube. Radio is not just the live broadcast. It is more of a loop from the web and back again. So when Skype is working there could be a lot of scope.

the Phoenix building was not built at a time when cable was considered. There are performance spaces and also a digital production facility at the back with video cameras. Also a recording studio not far from the radio. But usually these aspects do not come together for a final edit. Maybe wifi can help. Or maybe it will turn out that the elements come from somewhere else anyway. I will sort of plan what to say through this blog and see what links are possible later.

Youtube is definitely working as an input. Most tracks turn up there.

Mark Coles has some plan to continue world music post BBC world service. Hope to have more info by thursday.

See Facebook group  World Music Temp

also Broadcasting technology for Various abilities

and Wheelie Wild Show

Exeter could have the tag #EX1to4 so i will try this again. Rougemont Global Broadcasting is ok as a Youtube channel but i find that there is much more stuff available now so linking makes most sense. I will rave on about this.


The music will probably be

More Raphael Saadiq and Motown to open

Tracks from new Joss Stone CD1,  recap of Devon soul as just a little bit country

Folk around a Sidmouth fringe    New track from the Pyrates on Soundcloud

Moving on to 80s. Another mention for Laura Kikauka and the celebration of failure. I still think there could be an 80s focus for an environment with music. Not sure who would do it, but links can be continued.