Soundcloud updated for Wild Show ahead of Analogue to Digital #A2DMusicExpo

I have put some clips from the Wild Show onto Soundcloud

This is as broadcast based on an interview about a week earlier. Chris may return to the studio soon but has hurt his leg so the Phoenix bar is easier. In theory with wifi any sound could be on SoundCloud then broadcast within minutes. What we did was to record as video to SD card, then edit, then play mp3 from usb stick. So our level of tech is very lacking in ambition. But it did work ok.

At A2D we hope to find out a bit more and identify some examples of how SoundCloud can be used for radio. (Also video later. The file sizes are bigger, wifi could just about cope but the cameras on phones are not there yet, or are they? No news on camera phones at A2D, maybe next year?)

I can't find a good clip about Mark Coles and BBC World Service. I tend to drop in various comments on air, so here is my question as txt.-
The BBC World Service has scrapped World of Music and when the Strand plays a track it is usually less than 20 seconds. What is the budget implication? If they can't play full tracks could they make it easier to link to other online resources? Their info is always interesting. Meanwhile Mark Coles is working from a shed and interviews in St James Park. He is on MixCloud. I have found there is a copyright limit on a do it yourself listen again approach with YouTube and SoundCloud. But MixCloud is ok for rights as there is an option to buy, full track info and shared ad revenue. I think so anyway. Maybe at A2D this could be explained a bit more. Comment welcome from people using MixCloud. What would the cost be for Phonic to have listen again?

One night recently ( I hear the World Service when half asleep so my info is not that reliable) there was a Seth Lakeman track more or less in full. So he probably has the rights to his own songs. But is he alone in this? Could the World Service do an hour or so with mp3 that people send in who don't mind being heard on radio? Could include some UK.

Meanwhile on the Wild Show we assume we can broadcast from YouTube to include musicians performing at Phonic benefits.

What is the proper term for "signed to major label" type acts as distinguished from others?