Spacex current layout could be set for 80s sound

Not sure if I have posted this before. Things keep repeating but in slightly different forms.
I am doing the Wild Show for Chris while his foot recovers so can ask JD about 80s music and try things out. We are following from the 70s and the Celebration of Failure.
Now I find Spacex is looking at A Quick Look Back to include learning and activity.
The layout could be described as including-
an arrival area with TV and sofas
a dance area with screens and sound
a chill out area with screens but no sound at the moment
a corridor suitable for flat images in frames
a food area aka kitchen
So this could be adapted as an 80s environment with sound and vision.
On Thursday JD may explain when the chill out zone started and also video. When did video start in art galleries?
We will also cover Tecno Brega, aka "cheesy" pop. But what is cheesy? So far what I can find sounds ok. But that's just me.