Starting a Twinity script to revisit Lancaster campus from previously

This is a test of how Twinity might be used  to host a conversation about previous conferences in Lancaster. I have found that virtual worlds were of interest a few years ago and then seemed to stall a bit. However bandwidth is less of a problem than it was so they may come back for a wider audience.

Twinity is a 3D model of actual cities, starting with Berlin. You can have living spaces in other places but they don't link to street models. I got round this with two sets of avatars, one based on Lancaster campus and one in central Exeter. Some of them created living spaces and they have survived. One or two did not and have been deleted by the system. However I find they can be recreated though they look slightly different.

My interest started with the Management Theory at Work conferences about a decade ago. The possibilities of connecting technology and the idea of learning organisations seemed to get lost in critique. When InfoLab 21 arrived there was a clear vision but still some suspense about how such ideas would be implemented. 

Linda Shelton started working in the George Fox building and has also started a flat above Lubins in Morecambe where she now spends most of her time. She has photos from the Lancaster campus from cafes at InfoLab 21, what was IAS, and a tree near Management. So there can be a conversation in her space.

Web Kirby has been revived. He is still based at InfoLab 21 but has now also started a wifi cafe in Salford. (Twinity only knows about Salford PA) He has heard about the media opportunities in Salford and hopes to get more interest in wifi ideas. There is not much kit at the moment. He has great faith in science and technology, thinking that technology spreads over decades whatever people in organisations think about it.

The next phase will be some sort of meeting. I can now do dialogue bubbles but not log on two avatars at a time. 

So please log on to Twinity and check out Lubins in Morecambe and  Salford Key Wifi Cafe. Send a photo with a speech bubble or an email with script or comment.