@Sumobert Video, should every book have some?

Geoff, I tend to do a blog post and put the tweet in the title. All this things seem to feed into each other. I listen to songs on mySpace and that sets off a Tweet. There is no hiding anything. I will post later on what I really like as music.

Your streaming link worked fine. Quicktime for Windows and people like me. Youtube is good for clips but you have to choose which bit.

Acrobat X is about how to embed video inside a PDF. Flash everywhere just as the IT Department thought that PDF was safe.

I have not seen any examples though. maybe one or two trials but not the sort of thing that turns up.

Meanwhile Mac people seem to favour music and video anyway. Of course  text is possible but it just seems not in the scope somehow. 

I am trying to learn more about video edit, Premiere Elements but it is quite complex.

More musings later. Hope you're well