"Sustainability" various meanings for the word @LSLNetwork #LSLNetwork #cqiMoSO

Discussion through email has raised a question about what "sustainability" means. The Deming group of the CQI offers a model on the website

Could be connected with environment, could be survival for companies. I am involved in this project and also try to relate to Lancaster studies in management. Recent book promotion-

The approach the book adopts presents the stories of 29 people who are seeking to make the world more environmentally sustainable and socially just. All of them were either tutors or participants on the original Masters programme.


So maybe sustainable as in continuation for enterprise is not in this scope. I know I don't have the accepted language when I express interest in the website.

There have been a series of conferences where words are used in the titles


"Learning Organisation"  was arguably in the first one, theory at work, but has mostly gone.

Could there be some overlap in conversations about "sustainability" if there was more clarity on possible meanings.

There is a MoSO group on LinkedIn. Not sure how open it is but I think it is possible to follow.