Text culture and new media, Spacex reviews on Landings and Tourist

I have started to contribute to a review group based at Spacex gallery in Exeter. This is a form of social media. They have a Facebook page but not always much happening on it. The reviews site seems more active at the moment. But it is mostly text. It seems related to academic writing I think. When on the site for Networked Learning I found it difficult to add photos. A sandpit was started for me to try stuff out but i ended up linking to somewhere else. I can understand that text is useful for sociology and learning. But response to an art gallery could include images fairly often i would think.

Have a look and also try to contribute something with a graphic. The site is based on Tumblr, quite different in look and feel.

Meanwhile Adobe is not promoting much software that is unrelated to Flash. As if previous forms of communication are about to go away. Scope for discussion here.