The eBook is news in the UK

The London publishers have got wind of digital. Last week the topic was that agents can now deal direct with Amazon. On friday i went to the Exeter central library and had a look in the Bookseller. I get the daily email headline summary but there is something extra in the print version. The leader (23/07/10) is headed "The Year Of Digital" and lists some current issues. Maybe it would be wrong for a blogger to just copy all of this. you should find your own local library and a print Bookseller. You may need to visit a bookshop and talk to the staff. But there is one sentence that helps make my point that this is a meaningful moment in time.
"These are live questions, with the clock ticking on meaningful reponses."

On Sunday Robert McCrum was interested in the novel as app. 

I still think Apple gets too much attention. There is a lot more going on. But McCrum mentions Google and Amazon so is ahead of the Guardian Media 100. He also offers some background-

Ever since the 1990s the world of books has adopted various attitudes towards a changing marketplace that can be summarised as basically: there but for the grace of God go I. With a very few exceptions, everyone – publishers, authors, agents, editors, and booksellers – has prayed that they won't be forced to accommodate to the biggest paradigm shift in 500 years.

This is changing. Round about now.