The return of Adobe - video, Acrobat eleven? #crossmedia12

There is still no news about Acrobat release dates that I can find.

But Adobe will be at the Cross Media show next week. There was not much presence at IPEX. John Warnock and Chuck Gexchke were declared as Champions of Print but were unable to attend. I got the impression that a print show was not really the sort of space required for the Adobe brand.

But now that the emphasis is on "Cross Media" , Adobe presents the Creative Theatre on all the available slots for the second day. So day one may raise some policy issues. Day two probably covers most of the required techniques.

11.15 is still titled as Acrobat X, no clues as to what a new release might be like.

I still think there is interest in PDF for print. If Adobe is not working on any new releases then the next stage might be a price drop for the equivalent of previous versions. Photoshop Elements is fantastic value, I should add.

Adobe is still looking at video and various devices. Recent links

so another try at explaining JDF to a general Acrobat audience could be just a bit boring