The Wall confirms something shifted during the Winterlude, still not over

I found this link after a Tweet conversation with theWall.

  1. FT cuts jobs and relegates print to “second” as editor warns of social media “disruption”  /

  2.   Do you think we will get reporting on digital at Guardian, Haymarket etc.? Will Guardian print continue Mon - Fri?

  3.  Our guess is that Guardian will cut print on certain days at some point.

  4.  Could Printweek go online like What They Think? Other Haymarket titles? Think carefully, tweets are public.

 Way above our pay grade! But one would GUESS that at some point many magazines will thrive online only.

The Winterlude will not end till after BETT and Learning Technologies. But it is clear enough that many people in media have gone digital in their mindset. The print media are still not reporting the full situation. The Guardian on Tuesday reported that some UK universities could go bust, but there was nothing about online competition or how the UK adjusts to this.